Artist & Performer Peter Kokis 
The New York Comic Con:  Performances by the Brooklyn RobotWorks Team

Sorry, I missed the 2016 Comic Con...I was injured!   Dang!

Sorry, I missed the 2015 Comic Con...I was sick!

The 2014 NY Comic Con

Saturday:  Brooklyn Exo Soldier's mission to entertain!

                                                            - Daniel Zuchnik,
"Whaddayamean there's a no-weapons policy?!"

                                                                - Philip Ng,  Knightmare6
"That's right,  I'm not a Transformer!"

                                                                              - Jeff Lin,  Flickr
"Did I leave the oven on at home...?"

                                                                           - John Jiao,  Flickr
"My shoulders...ouch!"

                                         - Yassir Ketchum Photography,  Facebook
"Comic Con.  Return to Brooklyn.  Repeat."

                                                                                           - Armondoz, Instagram

                                                                            - Lycan Cruz
"Now where the heck did I park?"


The 2013 NY Comic Con

Thursday:  Brooklyn Typhoon's roll-out!

                                                                                                      - Chris Kokis
This earlier version of his head didn't work out...yikes!

Saturday:  Brooklyn Typhoon returned...unmasked:

                                                     - Edward Liu,  edwick on Flickr
"Going my way?"

                                                                          - Raymond Wong,
"I'm not a Transformer!"

"Again,  I'm not a Transformer!    Geez!"

Sunday:  Brooklyn Alien ate well!

- Mark Williams,  Mark
"125,000 much to eat!"

             - Stephen Shadrach & Pamela Paige

With model Pamela Paige                                                                            - Stephen Shadrach

                                                                             - Mark Williams
"An appetizer!"

                                                             - Mark Williams,
"Now,  where did I park?"

          - Stephen Shadrach,  wedophoto on Facebook

"Hubba Hubba!"

                                                                          - Mark Williams

                                                                          - Mark Williams
"A pretzel?   I only eat flesh!"

                                                                                                                     - The Kozy Shack,  on Flickr
"How could you not love this face?"


The 2012 NY Comic Con

Brooklyn Optimus Prime v. 8 returned!

                                             - Momento Tempus Photography                                                                                               - coskulture

                                                                                                                                               - Photographs By J,  on Flickr

                                                                                                                                                          - Billy Carpio

 Brooklyn Terminator v. 2 terrorized!

- numbphoto,  on Flickr

                                                - Darryl Brooks,

                                                                    - Mike Kowalek,

Brooklyn Starscream's roll-out!

                                                                                                                            - Howard Levy,  HSL Photography

                                                                   - Howard Levy

                                                              - Annic Narinesingh
Don't worry...he lived...

                                                                                         - Adam Suh

The Walking Dead zombies were nearby,  and I was a bit wary...


The 2011 NY Comic Con
Brooklyn RobotWorks was there each day...
in the lobby,  out front,  and in the streets!

A big THANKS to all who offered me water!

Friday:   Brooklyn Optimus Prime


                        - David Ngo,  DTJAAAAM on Flickr                                                     - Philip Ng,  knightmare6 on Flickr

B-Prime took the subway from Brooklyn...that was an interesting commute!

Saturday:   Brooklyn Ironhide's Roll-out Performance
This was his test run.

                                                            - Rob Boudon,  on Flickr

                                                       -  thatwelshbloke,  on Flickr                                           - Nathan Irvin Photographs,  on Flickr
"Why are we entertaining the humans?   They are a primitive and violent race!"

B-Ironhide then received another 50 hrs. of alterations to make him perfecto!

Sunday:   Brooklyn Terminator

                          - Juan Carlos Rubiano,  JCR1971 on Flickr

                                                                                - Senen Llanos

                                                                                  - GameCrashers,  on Flickr

                                                 - David Ngo,  DTJAAAAM on Flickr                             - Mike Kowalek,

                                                                                                                                                                - el boogi,  on Flickr                                      
A special THANKS to officers of the NYPD who let me do my thing!

                                                                                                                          - Andrew Wong,

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