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March 2017                                                                                                                                         - Richard Samalot, RTS Films

Peter Kokis
I build exoskeletons - mechanical suits of armor - and bring characters to life.  Living sculptures.
I look at the shape of objects and see their potential to portray something.
Virtually everything can be changed to suit my needs:  re-shaped,
cut-down, painted...altered in my 'foundry', to be seen as something else.
I manipulate plastic from different - but typical - containers, and use ordinary household,
hardware, gym, petshop & discount items:  things you'll find in your kitchen, bathroom,
closets, fridge, and junk drawer.   Stuff that's readily available to us all.   
Look closely at my parts and you'll say, 'hey, I have that at home!'
I create detailed,  dazzling life-sized depictions of your favorite characters in
fully-functional costume form, and make them real by performing as them...becoming them.
This is known as 'Cosplay'.
 What I offer are experiences:  lasting, memorable encounters.

Currently available for performances:

Brooklyn Optimus Prime
The noble and valorous leader of the Autobot Transformers,
Prime is the ultimate symbol of strength, leadership, and honor.
Immediately recognizable,  this sharp and brilliant exoskeleton
  depicts the galaxy's greatest hero from the recent Transformers films.

See more photos on the next page:  click on 'B-Prime' in the red band at the page top.

LATEST Version 19,  June 2017                                                                                           - Rick Woehrle
"Freedom is the right of all sentient beings.  So is fun!"

Brooklyn Bumblebee
A favorite Transformer of kids & adults alike, Bumblebee is a brave soldier
 with a big heart, an optional punch-packing cannon, and a knack for pranks.
Everyone loves Bee.   Everyone.
B-Bee is stunning and complex, a flashy jaw-dropper.

Learn more about him:  click on 'B-Bee' in the red band above.

                                                                                                                      LATEST Version,  May 2017                                                                                             - Rick Woehrle
                                                                                                                                                                           "I wish to stay with the humans..."                                                               

Brooklyn Terminator
The T-800 endoskeleton:  the iconic symbol of technology run amok
- of a true evil lacking pity,  remorse,  or fear -
is humankind's
ultimate enemy...and entertainer!
Do you run for your life,  or move in for a closer look?
Invite The Terminator and you will get everyone's attention!

Check out more details:   click on 'BT-800' in the red band above.

March 2015                                                                                                            - Alan Camuto,
"I'm back..."

Brooklyn Ironhide
The Transformers Autobot Weapons Specialist.   The ultimate robot experience.
His visual impact is enormous.   Your event will get the attention it deserves!
Large, bulky, and layered.   Heavily armed, he is amazingly complex.

Check him out:  click on 'B-Ironhide' in the red band at the page top.

December 2013                                                                                                                   - Alan Camuto
"I just wanted to show ya my cannons!"

Brooklyn Mechanical Robot
When you need a very mechanical-looking character who is not known or copyrighted.
Great for videos, commercials & photoshoots.   Extremely won't believe your eyes!
With a variety of arm, shoulder & leg attachments, he has many different looks.

See what all the fuss is about:  click on 'B-Mech Robot' at the page top.

Labor Model,  November 2013                                                                                      - Alan Camuto
"I am the future..."

Brooklyn Starscream
The trouble-making Decepticon Transformer,  he's part jet fighter.
He lives to serve the forces of evil, but he knows how to entertain!

Check him out:  click on 'B-Starscream' in the red band at the page top.

May 2013                                                                                                                       - Beth Brown
   "All robots,  mobilize and entertain!" 

Brooklyn Alien
The perfect organism...and entertainer!
See what he's about:  click on 'B-Alien' in the red band at the page top.

August 2015                                                                                                                       - Beth Brown
"I'm hungry...for adventure!"

Brooklyn Typhoon
The awesome robot from the film 'Pacific Rim'.
His look is eye-popping, stunning, amazing, jaw-dropping!   Wow!
Check out his design:  click on 'B-Typhoon' in the red band at the page top.

October 2013                                                                                                               - Beth Brown
 "I'm the craziest thing you'll ever see!"

Brooklyn Exo Soldier
Soldier of the future!
Hoo-Rah, check him out:  click on 'B-Exo Soldier' in the red band at the page top.

June 2016                                                                                                                        - Alan Camuto

"Live.  Entertain.  Repeat."

And...Coming Soon...

New York Optimus Prime
Optimus has changed his look, so the team will have two Primes!


Brooklyn Megatron

His newest look...yikes!


The 'Brooklyn' robots are available for:
private or corporate parties; promotions, special events,
video & photo shoots; or any situation where you want
people to stop in their tracks, drop their jaws,
come over, and ask 'how the heck did he do that?'
Let me perform for you and your event.
My prices are reasonable.   My services are professional and unique.
Do something different for your special event!

Want your own one-of-a-kind costume?
How about exotic replica-weaponry?

I can build it; there are no limits.   This is my art!

July 2015                                                                                                                                            
- Alan Camuto

Contact Peter Kokis anytime at:      c. 718 219-1249

Check out these fifteen pages for more images of what's available, 
and what else is in the foundry and coming, as well as some cool, eclectic music.
To navigate thru the pages, click on the buttons in the red band at the top.

June 2017                                                                                                                                             - Rick Woehrle
"It would be an honor for any of us to perform for you all."

May 2013                                                                                                                                      - Carlos A. Smith

InStyle Magazine,  June 2017                                                                                                       - Carter Smith

 April 2015                                                                          - Rick Woehrle Photography, Facebook

December 2011                                                                                                            - Alan Camuto

October 2012                                                                                           
- Fred R. Conrad,  NY Times

August 2015                                                                                      - Alan Camuto,

August 2013                                                                                                      - Beth Brown

March 2015                                                                                                - Alan Camuto,

April 2013                                                                                                                      - Beth Brown

May 2017                                                                                                                        - Rick Woehrle

June 2016, "Optimus Prime in Coney Island' filmshoot                            - Richard Samalot, RTS Films

September 2016, "Ironhide is Annoyed" filmshoot                                             - Rick Woehrle

March 2017, "Brooklyn Terminator" filmshoot                                 - Richard Samalot, RTS Films

November 2013                                                                                                             - Beth Brown

November 2013                                                                                                            - Alan Camuto

October 2013                                                                                                          - Mark Williams

May 2014                                                                                                                 - Alan Camuto

March 2017                                                                                                   - Richard Samalot, RTS Films

July 2015                                                                                 - Rick Woehrle

2014 WinterCon                                                                       - BLE Vision,  Flickr

July 2015                                                                        

December 2013                                                                                                           - Alan Camuto,

March 2018                                                                                                            - The Daily Show with Trevor Noah              

April 2013                                                                                              - Beth Brown

May 2013                                                                                            - Carlos A. Smith

August 2013                                                                            - Beth Brown,

February 2018                                                                                                                
- Jason Kraynek

May 2013                                                                                                        - Beth Brown

Thank you for spreading my art!
The Brooklyn RobotWorks team is world famous because of you!

October 2013                                                                                                                  
- Beth Brown

Click on the character names in the red band up top
to continue the adventure.   You won't believe your eyes!

- Rick Woehrle Photography,  Facebook

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